It's been twelve months
since I remember hearing…
those three tired words,
for the year that's nearing.

The phrase itself is optimistic.
And I'm not being pessimistic.
Who knows if we, will have another?
What's coming up... is like the other?

The evil here is gaining ground,
And righteous folks are sparsely found.
GOD is ticked, at all we do.
That goes for me, as well as you.

GOD has said, HE won't forsake us.
Yet we let evil overtake us.
Don't let the T.V. be "your" guide.
Use discernment ... it's right inside.

The news we hear is planned and jaded.
The truth it seems is truly faded.
Don't let Hollywood set your pace.
Read your Bible, and seek HIS face.

Their lifestyles, dress, and message sent,
Surely don't dictate, "repent".
The films out now, they do proclaim,
definitely "entertain".
But story lines that they present,
cause me great disdain.

There's suicide, rape and murder...
Just to name a few.
How come they don't make musicals,
Like they used to do?

I'd rather see a skilled team dancing,
Or a singer with a "voice".
There's gotta be some things out there,
To make us all rejoice.

This coming year I do "resolve"
to not be easily led.
I'll pay attention to the things,
that my mind has been fed.

I'll strive to listen to my heart,
and pray with Godly fear.
And then perhaps it just might be,
another, "HAPPY NEW YEAR".

CC ©December 31, 2005 8:84 P.M. 2005

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