Attitude of Gratitude

Each day we have...
each breath we take...
are special gifts from HIM.
HE fills our cups with blessings
as they flow over the rim.

Consider all the days we've lived
a separate gift, each one.
Be hopeful we've lived many
when our time here is done.

When we lay down to sleep tonight,
be thankful for our bed.
Be grateful for the dwelling,
HE placed over our head.

Consider well the blessings
that GOD placed in our life.
HE clothes us, and HE feeds us,
and deals with all our strife.

We would do well to "Thank HIM"
for each and every day...
and tell HIM of our gratitude
every time we pray.

Who knows how long we'll be on earth
or just how long we'll live.
That information's known to GOD
and it is HIS to give.

Be ever mindful that we are here
by HIS OWN "decree".
It wasn't done by Mom or Dad;
we're here because of HE.

The LORD has opened many doors
to bring us where we are.
Without HIS many blessings
we wouldn't travel far.

HE was there when we were born
and they sang us lullabyes.
Now HE hears us in our prayers
and our plaintive cries.

When things are great and going good,
we don't call HIM much.
But when all hell is breaking loose,
THEN we get in touch.

When things are really going great,
we seldom bend our knees.
Then when trouble starts to brew...
we say "pretty please."

Remember WHO we're talking to
when we kneel down to pray.
Be grateful that HE's listening
and that we made it through the day.

To thank HIM "once" for all we have
is really not sufficient.
We should thank HIM every day;
our gratitude's deficient.

Each day has a beginning,
and without HIM... our's would end.
It's not like HE's a "buddy"
or even a "close friend".

GOD is "not" some kind of genie
who lives within a bottle.
Nor a grumpy old man...
that we just have to coddle.

HE's "not" some grey haired dude,
that lives "upstairs".
HE is the LIVING GOD of the Universe.
Be Grateful... HE still cares.

Each day that we have spent on earth,
we surely didn't earn it.
To Thank HIM always is good advice...
we surely shouldn't spurn it.

We've been told so many times
that we should just rejoice.
Our gift of life ... and our time here...
was really not our choice.

So when we pray and ask our GOD
for victories we would win.
I suggest that we all "Thank HIM"...
and surely fit that in.

C.C. �January 31, 2006

Every day is Thanksgiving...
because of Jesus!

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