Inspirational Booems by CC

The word "booem" is my own creation.
A booem is a story in poetic form;
it's longer then your average poem, but too short to be a book.
Thus the word, booem.
I hope you enjoy reading these. CC

The Tattoo

(Many of us choose to commemorate persons or events in our lives in different ways. This is�a profound form chosen by one to honor�a friend and a particular time in his own life.)

The Reno Kid

A Christ Centered Western
(Reno ran from the law, but couldn't run from God)

Reno Travels East

A Sequel to The Reno Kid
(Reno heads for his last stand)


The Story of A Biker
(Big Boy finally meets "Someone" bigger then him)

Stranger in Town

The Story of a Prodigal Son during the Gold Rush
(Treasure is where you find it)

Poems By CC are Copyright through the Library Of Congress.