Easter Bunny NOT!

The focus on the "Easter bunny"
and chocolate eggs is not suprising.
The world would have you think of "that"
instead of our CHRIST rising.
The colored eggs, the fluffy bunny,
around it's neck a yellow bow...
All designed by this worlds "merchants"
for one big buying show.

Buy some candy! Buy some eggs!
Buy a basket too!
After all it's "Easter"...
that's what we all should do!
Easter is the secular title
the world gave this Holy Day.
The day of Resurrection
should not commemorate that way.

CHRIST crucified and buried,
and sealed within a cave...
More precious than an "easter egg"
is the gift HE gave.
CHRIST predicted HE would rise again
on the third day.
And when the time was up...
the giant stone was rolled away.

CHRIST has risen in three days...
Just as our JESUS said.
The world was shocked... HE had "Risen"...
Risen from the dead.
Our LORD JESUS is "Risen"!!
HE died to save your mortal soul.
I'd view that more important...
than the "easter bunny's" role.

So when "Easter" is upon us
and as we commemorate that day...
I suggest you go to Church,
or at the very least... do pray.
CHRIST has given us the gift of "life"
and we didn't have to beg.
Would you receive eternal life?
Or would you rather have an "egg"?


C.C. ŠApril 5, 2006

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