President Bush to host Annapolis Peace Summit with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on dividing Israeli's land... The United States facing the most disasterous economic collapse since the Great Depression... Russia threatens the West with nuclear warfare... California is burning... Worst Typhoon in decades pounds the Philippines..30,000 feared dead... Yellowstone a time bomb beneath the Earth showing a major increase in activity within the last 3 years... Another bomb threat in a school today... The state of Georgia is running out of water... Foreclosures to have profound impact on US economy... The high price of wheat will cause food prices to soar... The worst flooding in decades... Asian Tsunami causes the earth to ring like a bell... Families forced to leave their homes in Gaza a land is given over to Arabs... Borders not sealed... Illegal immigrants continue to enter the country..20 million already here..identity theft at an alarming rate... Christmas tornado's tear through Central FL..second time within just weeks... Deadly Ice storm leaves 25 dead and a million without power... 4 hurricanes hit FL within 6 weeks... The Patriot Act; US government spying on Americans... More troops died in Iraq... Homelessness on the increase... UFO's spotted all over the world... The USA is divided...

¶And as He (Jesus) sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
Matthew 24:3

Winds reached 129mph in the Northwest governor declares state wide emergency... The National Debt has reached an all time high... Millions of Toys containing lead have been recalled, More beef has been recalled due to deadly ecoli bacteria... Deadliest Tornado season in history... Deadliest Hurricane season on record... Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans and Mississippi, the worst disaster in USA history... Record breaking heat... Record breaking snowstorms... Another tape surfaced today from Osama Bin Laden issueing another warning to Americans... Iran is going nuclear... Irans president declares that Israel should be wiped off the map... N. Korea has gone nuclear... A strain between US and Russian relations.. is the cold war back?... Putin visits Iran and sends warnings to the USA... Bush warns of WW3 if Iran goes nuclear... 8 Killed in mall massacre... Ice caps are melting at an alarming rate... A deadly cold virus has already claimed lives... 40,000 without health insurance... Drug companies mark up prices for profit; millions cannot afford their prescriptions... Terrorism in London... Study finds increased pressure in New Madrid Faultline... Frequent earthquakes have been occuring in the Pacific Ocean and in the Gulf of Mexico... God removed from schools and public buildings...Gunman opens fire on college campus in Blacksburg VA... Officials can not say whether weapons of mass destruction have already been smuggled into the USA... Astroid caused a mystery illness in Peruvian villiage... 3 earthquakes hit Israel..experts say Israel is due for a major quake... Officials fear EMP attack on America... 9-1-1...the threat of Terrorism continues... Deadliest Earthquakes... Stock Market is unstable... Murder, Suicide, Rape, Child Aductions, Child abuse, Car Jackings, Home Invasions, Child pornography, School shootings, Major Corps filing backruptsy..others moving headquarters to Mexico (Hersheys, Heinz)... Cloning, abortion, Gay and Lesbian marriages... Stem cell research, Microchip, National ID Card, Bird Flu, Whooping Cough... Divorce rate skyrockets, Few choosing to together instead... HIV and STD's, TB, Drugs and alcohol abuse, Adultry, Fornication, Lust, Greed, Love of money...

Final Warnings

Should we relax and take our shoes off,
no reason for concern?
Or should we ever be on guard
that CHRIST could soon return?

How do "you" interpret
all the prophecy being fulfilled?
Are you real excited,
or are you less then being thrilled?

There's many ways we can react
to all we see occurring.
As for me... the things I've seen,
are less that reassuring.

Israel is daily challenged;
their enemies do abound.
They constantly must be on guard
from those that do surround.

  There's preachers that will tell you,
"there's nothing you should fear".
There's others that will contradict;
the End Time is quite near.

Some will give the message... just relax,
and not to worry.
Others then will urge you,
to prepare... and in a "hurry".

  GOD is ridiculed by many,
and they hold HIM in contempt.
They haven't got a clue to just how,
they are not exempt.

GOD will deal with all the wicked
and those who don't believe.
Because of their unrighteousness
there'll be no last reprieve.

  After all is said and done...
the choice is up to "you".
You can choose to just sit back
and see what's coming true.

"My vision is to see Israeli's and Palestinians living side by side in Peace and Safety" - George W. Bush

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

I suggest you take the time
to read the Word for confirmation.
Don't take all these signs lightly
and risk elimination.

  GOD said ... simultaneously,
strange events will then occur.
HE also said HE will come quickly;
of that you can be sure.

I for one have noticed...
many "signs" on TV news.
It is getting nearer to the time
when you must choose.

  Don't put off this message...
stifle "not" the HOLY SPIRIT.
Be smart enough to heed GOD'S WORD
when and where you hear it.

JESUS said HE'S coming back;
the Rapture "WILL" take place.
NOW IS THE TIME... to ask GOD'S pardon,
and sincerely seek HIS FACE.

  ©C.C. September 20, 2007

Read the Signs Of His Coming

Matthew 24

Luke 21

Mark 13

2 Peter 3

2 Timothy 3

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