Independence Day

This year again... on July fourth
our celebrations will begin.
America commemorates
it's birthday once again.

There will be the usual fireworks...
American flags will be displayed.
The song "Star Spangled Banner"
across our Nation will be played.

When we hear our National Anthem,
If you're able ... you should Stand.
By this action you will honor
all who died to save our land.

The Valiant Men and Women
who gave their "lives" in freedoms fight...
Had families just like you and I...
But they can't be with them tonight.

The freedoms that we all enjoy
won by those who paid the price...
To "stand" to honor our fallen,
we shouldn't have to be asked twice.

Don't take America for granted.
Don't take lightly... freedoms won.
Those serving "now" thus demonstrate
defending freedom isn't done.

If you have opportunity
to see an Independence Day Parade...
Remember... it "commemorates"
sacrifices they have made.

When you see our "Stars and Stripes"
waving proudly in the air...
Thank your GOD in heaven
You're able to be standing there.

Stand up straight ... take off your hat...
place your hand upon your heart.
Be thankful you live in America
where freedom had its start.

What other country would you choose
if you were given choice?
Where else could you enjoy the freedoms
in which you now rejoice?

Even with it's problems,
AMERICA will "always" be the best!!
You'll not find another like it ...
wherever be your quest.

Americans should all agree...
we're "here" because of our GOD'S HAND!
We should do whatever it takes
to defend this worthy land!

Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue!
If you can't say this and� "mean it"...
take a hike... and that means "you"!

America has stood the test
by offering freedoms to it's "own".
To those who dearly love it
and by their actions they have shown.

You must show appreciation
for our land if you're to stay.
Demonstrate your love of country...
it's the American Way.

This country's birth was bathed in blood...
Our freedoms were at stake.
To those who think we'll just "stand down"...
You're making a mistake.

To those who would usurp our ways
and our way of life upend...
Be advised we'll bring it all...
our freedoms we'll defend.

C.C. �June 18, 2006

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