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Here you will find various links to some of the best Christian websites on the internet. Please take time to visit them.

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News and Commentary Related to Prophecy


Drudge Report


Rapture Alert (Michael G. Mickey)

The Hal Lindsey Report

Grace Thru Faith (Jack Kelley)

Babylon The Great Is Falling (Jack D. Hook)
(Don't miss Jack's radio interviews)

Jerusalem Watchman (Stan Goodenough)

The Omega Letter (Jack Kinsella)

Olive Tree Ministries (Jan Markell)

Intercessors For Israel
Know how to pray for Israel

Elshaddai Ministries

Paul Proctor [Biblically Speaking]
Direct and to the point!

Christian Worldviews
On important world and church issues

Awesome Blogs

Israel's Covenant -God's Faithfulness

Until Jesus Comes (Heidi Swander)

David Hocking's Hope For Today
Stay up to date with news from Israel

(Original Artwork by rln combined with her inspired words which exalt our Lord!)

Standing For God

The End Time

Encouragement, Hope, and Insight for these Last Days!

David Wilkerson Today

Daily E-votional

Nuggets Of Wisdom

Christian Biker Magazine

Bible Helps, Studies, Insights

Way Of The Master Minute

Subjects according to KJV Scripture

The KJV Bible with Strong's References

Blue Letter Bible

Disciple Newsletter
(The LORD has blessed James Grimm with great wisdom and discernment)

Focus on Jerusalem

Foxes Book Of Martyrs

Inspirational Websites

Sharon's Song:I'm Going Home
(Inspired writing by Sharon A.O. Maxwell; will touch your heart, bring tears to your eyes and laughter to your soul)

Blue Jays Explorations
(Barbara Carter has a family friendly place filled with much of everything!)

His Forever
(Besides her own inspired poetry, Peggy Mcllveene has just about everything related to prophecy on her site)

A Home For the Desert Rose Poetry
(Beautiful poetry by Fran Gaines)

Jo's Inspirational Home
(Inspired website by Jody Goode)

Heather's Home
(Heather has christian poetry as well as a Christian Group, "Sister's With Heart")

Marvaline's Hideaway
(Marvaline has a Christian section, "Reflection's Of God's Love" as well as tons of her own beautiful creations for web design. We have used several of her creations on this website.)

Evangelical Poetry
Mitch & Denise Moore

The next time someone tells you that Israel is on the Palestinians land, have them take, "The State of 'Palestine' Quiz".

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