Destroy this temple, and in three days ...
I will raise it again.
Our LORD foretold of resurrection
as HE spoke this to men.
The men who listened to the words
did not understand.
Our LORD spoke of HIS BODY...
not a building built by man.

When JESUS was condemned by men
HE was falsely accused.
HE suffered at the hands of them�
and was violently abused.
His crime was of great blasphemy...
HE claimed to be GOD's SON.
HIS captors thought with certainty,
HE was not the ONE.

JESUS praying in the garden,
praying for the FATHERS will...
HIS disciples all were sleeping,
and lay there very still.
JESUS said; Rise Up,
he that betrayeth me is at hand.
They were then surrounded by
a large unruly band.

Judas spake and called HIM Master,
and gave our LORD a kiss.
This he done to mark our LORD...
for it was planned like this.
They laid their hands upon HIM,
and took our LORD with force.
This was done as JESUS said,
this too must run it's course.

They took our LORD to stand before
a council and High Priest
They asked for some to testify...
to condemn HIM at the least.
The Priest asked JESUS,
are you the Christ? The Son of The Blessed?
JESUS said, I Am; and you shall see the Son of man...
JESUS then professed.

OUR LORD was cruelly beaten...
they delighted in HIS scourging.
They mocked HIM, "Who doth strike you?"
But despite their evil urging...
Our LORD JESUS remained silent...
suffering each and every blow.
To HIS captors it was pleasure...
they enjoyed this bloody show.

When finally it was time to die,
they forced HIM to the hill.
The hill was called Golgotha,
and there they planned their kill.
They placed our LORD flat on the cross,
and drove spikes to pin him fast.
Careful not to pierce a vein,
so that HIS sufferings would last.

JESUS hung upon that cross...
HIS body racked with constant pain.
Some followers protested this,
but their cries were all in vain.
He says HE is the SON of GOD...
isn't there help HE could find?
They didn't know when HE was dying...
You and I were on HIS MIND..

JESUS paid for all our sins...
HIS great sacrifice ordained.
Yet through the pain and suffering,
our LORD had not complained.
JESUS knew the price HE'D pay
before this day had come.
HE knew that HIS death was required,
to pay the total sum.

When finally HIS SPIRIT left
and rose to Heaven's heights...
An earthquake came... and darkness fell...
Extinguishing the lights.
Some knew at once ...
the signs were there...
their MESSIAH had been killed.
They had erred in judging HIM
and now their tongues were stilled.

They took HIM down from off the cross
and bathed and wrapped HIM well.
Then they placed HIM in a tomb...
So the disturbance they could quell.
They were alarmed to hear,
that JESUS predicted HE would raise.
Even more alarming ...
HE would do it in "THREE DAYS."

The people then did realize,
The tomb was then well guarded
to prevent events to worsen.
Then they placed a seal upon,
the entrance to the door.
They were sure they heard the last...
and there would be no more..

The third morning was just dawning...
and the stone was rolled away.
The followers found our LORD was gone...
no longer did HE lay.
Two men in shiny garments
met the followers and said,
"Why seek ye the living...
in here among the dead?

HE is not here, BUT IS RISEN!
Remember what HE spake to you.
The SON OF MAN would be delivered...crucified...
and rise when through."
JESUS then joined HIS disciples
and spoke of prophesies fulfilled.
The writings of Moses and the prophets,
and the books of Psalms instilled.

While speaking to disciples,
HE was lifted high up in the air.
HE commanded all disciples,
Go in the world and preach ME there.
Teach all nations.. baptize them..
Proclaim the Gospel of MY NAME...
in the world to the uttermost.

C.C. �April 5, 2006

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*Words of our Lord are paraphrased �or poetic purposes.