The Veteran

"I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag"...
these words we learned from youth.
This Nations flag was founded
upon our GOD'S own truth.

Our Flag, a symbol of our Nation,
fills our hearts with pride.
It represents those men and women,
who fought for it and died.

  The freedoms that we now enjoy
were not gained without cost.
Bloody battles were hard fought
and many brave lives lost.

We owe a debt of gratitude
to those who've stood their ground.
Some now sleep till they be wakened;
yet some can still be found.

  Don't take for granted freedoms gifts;
they were won at a great price.
Brave Men and Women rose to the challenge,
never thinking twice.

Their blood when spilled in conflicts,
some on distant shore...
Were sacrificed for all our good;
could anyone give more?

  Veterans of the conflicts fought
in these different wars...
Are scattered all among us...
and many wear their scars.

It may be your own neighbor,
or maybe someone you've not met.
We should seek to "Thank Them".
LORD GOD please... Bless the Vet.

İC.C. July 1, 2007 

Patriotic Poems by CC

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