Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
This is how much, our GOD loves "you."

Valentine From God

On the fourteenth day, of the shortest Month
mailboxes seem to swell.
It's customary to mail a card,
and of your love, to tell.

The Valentines that are exchanged
range from silly, to sincere.
The overlying message is of Love
that we hold dear.

While it's always pleasant to receive
a card from an admirer,
There is a message we've received
that comes from so much higher.

GOD HIMSELF has sent us
a message from above.
a message of pure love.

There is no greater love I've known
nor ever could yet be
That HE laid down HIS life for us...
for you, as well as me.

HIS message is eternal
and not just for that day.
HE has paid the price for sin
that You and I can't pay.

So if you get a card this year
adorned with bright red heart,
Be grateful for our SAVIOUR
and not just for the art.

C.C. �February 3, 2006

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